Greetings! My name is Myles Hassler.

Welcome to my counseling practice and welcome to my website! Following is some information intended to help you learn about my counseling experience, my philosophy, and my interests.

First, I believe that prevention is the key whether it is for individuals or couples. Why wait until an issue grows out of hand or becomes excruciatingly painful before seeking counseling?  On the other hand, please do not feel like your issue isn’t important enough. Do not imagine that your counseling visit might take time away from someone really in need.  Everyone’s issues are important no matter how great or small. Sometimes the pace of modern life brings changes and transitions faster than you may be able to process them on your own. Relationships, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, intimacy, anxiety, worry – all of these are facets of life which can be challenging when faced without the aid of an experienced, compassionate, impartial counselor.

My Office Atlanta, Georgia

My Office
Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you are new to counseling or have had a prior history,  I am particularly interested in making that first visit comfortable and productive.  Aesthetically, my office is a very pleasant, ‘home-like’ environment with large windows and views of trees and greenery.  It is very comfortable and calming.  During our time together, I want to get to know you and want you to get to know me as we determine whether the counseling relationship will be a good fit for us.

I have many years of counseling experience, from general depression and anxiety to very specific personal challenges, as well as clinical evaluations.  As such, my counseling offers assistance for a broad array of topics, both personal and professional.  I counsel individuals and couples, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Our shared journey will be in mind, working toward an outcome that will help get you where you want to be.

So, here are a few of the things that I do in my practice.  It’s not all-inclusive but I will try and provide just as much as I can:

Myles Hassler Atlanta, GA

Myles Hassler
Atlanta, GA

I have an extensive history with individuals and couples dealing with sexual issues, depression, anxiety, fears, life transitions, workplace dynamics, relationship functioning, substance use and abuse, stress, self-esteem, coming out issues for individuals and for couples in crisis or transition over coming-out issues, divorce, open relationship dynamics (polyamory), affair recovery, grief, personal growth, employee assistance (EAP), life balance and trauma.  I obtained additional skills and experience in other areas of interest which include alcohol/drug assessments in general and for court-ordered or attorney-referred D.U.I. evaluations and D.O.T. (Dept. of Transportation) clinical evaluations for alcohol/drug issues (SAP evaluations).  Aside from substance abuse work I have trained in sex therapy and have been interested in helping individuals and couples of all ages with intimacy enhancement and functionality, including sexuality in the middle and golden years. I have worked equally with heterosexual, gay, lesbian and bi-sexual clients, individually and as couples.

Office Building Atlanta, Georgia

My Office Building
Atlanta, Georgia

I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Atlanta, Georgia since 1991.  Experience has taught me that the cornerstone of effective counseling begins with the formation of a trusted relationship.  That relationship is earned through the counselor’s genuineness, compassion, and willingness to accept a client where they are.  When clients feel safe, understood, respected, listened to and cared for it sets the stage for growth and forges a path toward positive life changes.  Counseling, however, is not about forming dependence – which a counselor has to be sensitive to – it is about facilitating insight and teaching tools so that a client can be self-reliant in life outside of the counseling arena.  Counseling can help a client  learn to manage major life transitions in a fresh new light and it is rewarding to see that progression in their journey.

Additional View Atlanta, Georgia

Additional View
Atlanta, Georgia

I value highly the counseling relationship and feel that I possess a significant and natural capacity for empathy.  A psychologist here in Atlanta who is familiar with my work once wrote, “…he has that rare quality of emotional and cognitive intelligence…a calming presence and an ability to talk about sensitive material openly and honestly.”  I was flattered and humbled by that comment as it represented congruence with how I desired to be, both personally and professionally as a counselor.

For those of you seeking an assessment as part of a mandatory process or attorney-recommended referral, please call me so that we can discuss the details and get you going.  I have worked with many attorneys in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and surrounding communities.  The phone number is the same for all of my service offerings:  678-427-0566.

Waiting Room

Waiting Room, Atlanta Ga

I hope that this information provided an initial and useful representation of my counseling experience and expertise.  If you have additional questions, please click on the “About Therapy” tab above.  In this section I have attempted to answer more frequently asked questions about my counseling practice.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks you so much for stopping by!




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2801 Buford Hwy NE Suite 470 Atlanta, Georgia 30329 678-427-0566

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