SAP Evaluations (D.O.T.)

SAP evaluations are completed in my office here in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am conveniently located in the metro Atlanta area and have served many surrounding communities.  I have been a SAP evaluator since near the beginning of the Federal program and am currently qualified to conduct SAP evaluations.  To be a qualified SAP evaluator you must pass training and exam requirements specific to the D.O.T. Regulations.  Being a certified addiction professional, or other designation, is not sufficient.  Consequently, any evaluations completed will be disqualified unless they have also met the D.O.T. training and exam requirements.

If you are in a safety-sensitive position that falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) and you have received a violation due to a positive alcohol or drug test, you will be required to complete the SAP evaluation process in order for you to be re-considered for safety-sensitive assignment.  The SAP evaluation process consists of an initial evaluation, referral for a minimum of substance abuse education and/or treatment, compliance with all SAP recommendations, and a follow-up SAP evaluation after the recommendations have been successfully completed.  The length of time required to complete the process varies based on the clinical need and can not be determined or discussed prior to the actual SAP evaluation.  The length of time is strictly clinically based. The D.O.T. prohibits factors of financial status or return-to-work needs affecting SAP evaluation outcomes.  This is strictly a public safety issue.

Violations arise from positive alcohol or drug tests from pre-employment, post-accident, random testing, reasonable suspicion circumstances, return-to-duty processes and follow-up testing situations.  The following Modals are under the jurisdiction of the D.O.T. Federal Guidelines:  FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration),  FRA (Federal Railroad Administration), FTA (Federal Transit Administration), FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), RSPA (Research and Special Programs) and USCG (U.S. Coast Guard).

The SAP evaluation requires a minimum of 2 hours of interview and testing time.  The fee is due at the beginning of the interview session.  It does not include the costs of services you will be required to obtain outside of the SAP evaluation. Once the level of clinical need is determined, I will consider all available resources available as referral options and, whenever possible, will look at geographic and cost factors as long as it fits our clinical need.


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