Alcohol/Drug Assessments

(If you need a SAP Evaluation as a result of a DOT violation, please see separate heading for SAP Evaluations)

I conduct alcohol and drug assessments at my counseling office here in Atlanta, Georgia.  I am conveniently located in the metro Atlanta area, close to major thoroughfares throughout the city.

If you have had a D.U.I. or drug-related charge and are required to obtain a substance abuse evaluation, or your attorney has recommended that you obtain one, I can assist you. Be aware of evaluators that seem to be offering a greatly reduced fee for the service. Frequently, they are connected to a treatment resource so that what you save on the front end will be made up on the back end as they refer you automatically into treatment. I am not affiliated with any treatment and, as such, avoid any conflict of interest.

The alcohol/drug assessment process consists of a face-to-face interview during which I gather information about the charge and your history. The alcohol/drug assessment includes gathering geographic, medical, social, interpersonal, employment, legal, family, mental health, and substance use information.  I use a substance abuse screening instrument as part of the alcohol/drug assessment process. The screening instrument requires about 15 minutes to complete and takes place during the session.

The interview requires approximately 1 1/2 hours. I write the report during the session so that you will be able to leave the session with the evaluation in your hand (provided the technology is cooperating! lol). Then, following the session and with your signed release, I will forward the report to anyone of your choosing – which is usually an attorney or Probation Officer.

I am happy to answer any questions you have. Please call me to discuss your needs and concerns.

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2801 Buford Hwy NE Suite 470 Atlanta, Georgia 30329 678-427-0566

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