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If this is your first time seeing a counselor, it is likely that you will have curiosity and preconceptions about the process.  But don’t let what you see on the tube influence or shape your expectations too much as it can vary widely and is frequently over-dramatized.

It is common to have a bit of anxiety before your first counseling appointment.  This is normal considering that you will be discussing very personal issues with someone you don’t know.  The first meeting requires some courage and you may feel very vulnerable in the beginning.  Clients have frequently stated that they appreciated my ability to make them feel comfortable and, normally, that has occurred very early in that first counseling session.

Atlanta, Georgia?

Atlanta, Georgia?

Following are some typical questions that come up before that first counseling session as well as some information about the counseling session itself.  I hope that this is helpful for you.  Of course, I invite you to contact me personally if there is anything else that would be helpful for you to know that isn’t addressed here.

How do I know if I need counseling or not?

I am a believer in prevention.  Why wait until a problem is too difficult, or too painful, or too disruptive in your life to seek help?  No problem is too small to benefit from the counseling process.  Do not feel like you are wasting my time or taking time away from someone else in greater need of counseling.  Everyone’s issues are important, great or small, and no comparisons are ever made to judge a client’s worthiness for therapy.  Even when the counseling relationship reaches a termination point, clients are welcome to come back at any time for ‘tune-ups’  which are very appropriate.

What can I expect when I first meet you?

Atlanta, Georgia  Eric McMillan - Photographer

Atlanta, Georgia
Eric McMillan – Photographer

There’s a lot of ground to cover with this question….Historically, since there is so much that goes on in that first counseling session, particularly with relationship counseling, it would be preferable to plan on 1 1/2 hours.  This is not a requirement, just a suggestion.  The additional time gives us a chance to get to know each other, answer questions you may have and allow time for me to hear about your history.  Before the session you might want to think about your goals for counseling and why it’s important to embark on this journey at this time.  It would also be helpful to come about 15 minutes early in order to complete the small amount of paperwork you will find in the welcoming room designed for new clients. You may also download the new client information forms from our group practice at www.atlantapsychotherapy.com.

In this first session, if you aren’t immediately comfortable with me it would be unusual.  I am very easy to be with, interactive, instill a feeling of safety and I am an exceptionally attentive listener.  Humor is welcome – a counseling session does not have to be totally serious. Humor can be and is healing when it is in balance with the work.

In addition to getting to know each other, I also want to know about your challenges and how you overcame them.  I want to know about your aspirations.  I want to know about your strengths and aptitudes – these will move you forward on your path.  To me, it’s not always about what doesn’t work but celebrating that which does.  And, although your history is  important, we only have to look at the part that interferes with your happiness today!

My Office

My Office

From an aesthetic perspective, we maintain a very attractive and inviting office for our counseling clients.  My individual office is appointed very comfortably to create a sense of ‘warmth’ as I believe that your emotional and environmental comfort are important.

 How long will we have to meet?

That decision is up to you!  And, coming to the first counseling session will not obligate you for any duration of time.  The amount of time needed really depends on your goals and your interest in continuing the counseling.  My goal is to assist and be presentk with you on your journey.   I can provide a general framework for you but there are many variables that can influence that.  Ultimately, the feel of the counseling sessions, the evaluation of your progress, and your awareness that growth has occurred –  are potential indicators that it could be time to terminate.  Typically, a counseling client will know when that time has come.

After we meet what happens if I realize it may not be the best match?8152730-wooden-bridge-at-portland-japanese-garden-in-fall-one-foggy-morning-panorama

It is critically important that you be comfortable with me as your therapist. Otherwise, the effectiveness of our work would be compromised.  I will tell you it is rare that a client has experienced a mismatch with me but it is your right and obligation to be forthright about your concerns.   If, for any reason, you do not feel comfortable, then you need to continue your search for a better counselor fit.  I will assist you in that process without hesitation as there are many counselors in Atlanta, Georgia.  And, you will not hurt my feelings!

What are some of your counseling focus areas?

In over 20 years of counseling, I have cultivated experience and expertise in a range of problems and challenges. Here is a brief, though not complete, list of my counseling and certification focus areas: Sex Therapy, General Counseling, Depression, Anxiety/Worrying, Life Transitions, Lifestyle Changes, Coming Out Process, Sexual problems – Male & Female, Couples/Relationship Counseling, Qualified DOT SAP Evaluator, Alcohol & Drug Evaluations, Individual Counseling, Couples’ Counseling, Marital Counseling, Intimacy Enrichment, LGBT, Gay/Lesbian, Open Relationship Counseling, Polyamory, Kink, BDSM, D.U.I. Evaluations

 Do you take insurance?

I will provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company that has all of the information necessary to process a claim.  However, I do not bill insurance companies or take responsibility for collecting from your carrier.  Typically, insurance companies have out-of-network provider benefits that can pay a portion of the billable charges.  They likely won’t tell you that unless you ask because it is cheaper for them, but every plan is different and you would need to inquire about your individual benefits by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

Myles Hassler Atlanta, GA

Myles Hassler
Atlanta, GA

What are your fees for counseling or relationship counseling?

My fees are $150.00 per 45 minute counseling hour, $175.00 per 60 minute counseling hour, $225.00 per 75 minute counseling hour,  $250.00 per 1 1/2 hour counseling hour and $275.00 per 2 counseling hours.  I accept cash personal checks and credit cards.  It is helpful to have checks made out prior to the visit in order to maximize your session time.

How can we begin our counseling?

Let me hear from you!!  The first step begins with your phone call.  I can be reached at 678-427-0566.

Best regards,
Myles Hassler, MS, LPC, NCC, MAC
Licensed Professional Counselor
National Certified Counselor
Master Addictions Counselor

Contact Myles Hassler

2801 Buford Hwy NE Suite 470 Atlanta, Georgia 30329 678-427-0566 wmhmyles@aol.com

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