Clients Who Inspire Me….

My job is very fulfilling and I am thankful to be able to serve such a great city as Atlanta. I respect and value the counseling relationships which have developed over the decades. The courage a client exhibits to simply attend their first appointment garners my immediate respect.   I excel at meeting clients where they are and I recognize that all counseling clients come in at different places of readiness.

There are certain client attributes I have experienced over the years which seem to stand out.  These are attributes which have inspired me to continue my work, inspired me to emulate them in my own personal and professional life, and have inspired me to encourage struggling clients to embrace in themselves:

– Being responsible and in-charge of their own destiny.
– Willing to push through their fears, face the dragons, and celebrate the success and gifts that come as a result.
– Consistently carrying out in life what they are learning in the counseling sessions.
– Not giving up in the face of adversity.
– Being excited about the possibilities of life and their journey ahead.
– A resistance to a ‘victim’ mentality.
– Openness to a new paradigm:  a new way of thinking, believing, acting.
– A positive and enthusiastic attitude.
– A desire to make the strategies fit their particular life and to collaborate with me when fine-tuning is necessary.
– Spreading the word to others about my services and experience with them.  It is inspiring to know that I have done well enough by my clients to be referred to others!

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